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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
1:30 pm
new lj - katinacooker - add it
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
2:09 pm
my life, in bullet points.

careerwise - im fucking sick of working 2/3 jobs. well two jobs and another one if i can manage it. generally i work 9am-2pm five days a week, then 5pm - 10pm three days one week, and 4 days the next. then on thursdays i used to work the till for AN@bamboo 11pm-2am, but now only do PR 8/9 - 11pm ish. and i know everyone who has a fulltime job thinks well i do more work than that in a week, which is true. however you have a routine. get up at 7, leave at 8, work for 9, work till 5, home for 7 (ish). on mondays i start at 9am, tue 8.30, wed 9am, thu 9.15, fri 9.15, saturday 6am. finish at various times between 12.30 and 3pm, then go to work again at 5pm, and occasionally 8pm. its impossible to plan things as i only know when my day off will be on the friday before the week starts. and trying to get a clear day off is also impossible. i dont have one till a week on sunday :|

on the plus side i've applied for a job with Firstbus. they're willing to pay me to do my car licence, then my bus licence, and pay for it all too. its really good. i've got an interview on monday, which im terrified of. tbf i've only ever had 3 interviews, and only failed one. but still. and because of that im stressing out about everything else in my life. still, onyl a week to go. yay drug and alcohol testing :|

not really been up to much else, as you can see above im either working, at AN@bamboo, working, with lisa, or playing xbox (i've racked up an 82hr online playtime in one game, and i've only had the game since the 25th of jan :|). which isnt as bad as it sounds, but some variety would be nice if im honest.

music wise not much has changed. my slsk isnt working too good anymore, so its hard to get new music, but its made me listen to some other stuff i've got and discovered love for zebrahead.

i would advise checking it out if you like poppunk and stuff. im gonna try and listen more of that style, so any recommendations would be great

other than that its life as usual. untill monday...
Monday, October 8th, 2007
5:08 am



also, why the fuck is there noone awake at 5.08am. i want to talk to people!

maybe i shouldnt. alcohol is bad
Saturday, September 22nd, 2007
11:38 pm
ick. im dying. got the flu or something, either way its made me weak as a small kitten, and def not as cute. also i've lost 5kg since thursday! may not sound like much, but i've always been within 1-2kg for the past two years :|

blah, i def think im at the lowest point i could be in now.its not so much theres nothing going on with my life, its more the fact that there is nothing going on with my life. it makes sense in my head anyway. except not really

and i want to ask people things, but dont want to know the answer, or dont have the balls to do it. either way it sucks. i guess i'll continue on regardless...

dont have much of an option, do i?
Friday, September 14th, 2007
10:31 pm
damn. that was so close to being an entry. got nothing to say really. or everything to say, but no way to say it. or maybe im just tired..
Monday, September 10th, 2007
6:42 pm
birthday #2
So, on saturday, its starting around 7ish in the puffer, then into town to somewhere, then to the cathouse.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
9:35 pm
its my 21st on the 17th of sept

I dont want a party, but just a pubcrawl

so keep saturday the 15th of september free please. who's gonna come?

the reason im doing this sooo early is because one of my best "mates" forgot about it, and chose to go away for his sisters fiancee's stag weekend in newcastle. thanks for the fuck knows how many years of friendship

Saturday, June 9th, 2007
11:45 pm
i'd like to sit and type out a huge entry, full of feeling and meaning etc.

instead this is what yr getting.
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
3:01 pm

goddamn i hate my mates band. all i wanted to do is rip the piss out them as they would be shite. turns out there not, and im turining into a huge fan. goddamnit
Friday, May 11th, 2007
2:08 pm
been getting really pissed off at myself atm. im on holiday from work(again) and i've only been out the house for a grand total of about 4 hours this week. its not like i have nothing to do, more like noone to do it with. so then i decide to go out on my bike, and see if i can still do half of the stuff i used to be able to. turns out i cant, or at least, not push myself to do it. and its pissing me off greatly, and worrying because i havent actually started sk8ing this season. i dont want to not be able to skate. but even then its hard because i cant risk hurting myself, and going off sick on work.

im already on a stage two warning, and if im off for any 2 periods within 6 months of each other, i get moved up to stage 3, and then it goes to the big bosses. if i was to break my wrist again, they would know it'll be two times, after they've told me not to risk myself skating again, and i'd prolly lose my job.

i cant afford to lose my job, i've got a £4000 loan about to start coming off. i need a new job. but getting a new job means i'll prolly have to lose my hair, and i really really dont want to do that

ah who knows, it'll prolly sort itself out, but still..
Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
9:04 pm
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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
1:07 am
this is the start of something good...

i hope

(everyone point @ the pessimist)
Friday, April 20th, 2007
7:26 pm
you's are all cunts btw - i didnt think anyone would reply to that thingy. i've now just replied to all of them, and now im tired

Thursday, April 19th, 2007
5:40 pm
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Saturday, April 14th, 2007
2:27 pm
i think im being ignored. and i honestly couldnt care less anymore

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
5:20 pm
dont you dare call me fucking petty!

dont forget, this is supposed to be yr FRIEND who he just fucked over?

or do you not care?
4:08 pm
how fucking dare you
fucking cunt. i dont even have yr number/msn to pull you up about it, and i cant do it over AN because you'll just report me and have me banned for abuse/flaming/whatever, as you can

thats what i hate about AN. you are either a pleb, or the AN elite. and i cant exactly pick a fight with the AN elite now can i?

not over the internet anyway....
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
1:14 pm
ok, as some of you cool kids may have noticed, i have two journals. my AN one, and this one. from time to time i'll update one, but not the other. or vice versa. how fun for you :p

but yeah. fun times are ahappening

except not really. this one is gonna be YET ANOTHER fun one to work out

im in a really good mood today, want to go and skate, but got noone to play with :'(

how dare all my friends have bf/gf/work/study/uni

ditch them, come play with me :D
Monday, March 26th, 2007
5:54 pm
y'know, i love the way some people think that one kiss changes everything. one kiss means fuck all. especially one drunken kiss.

one drunken kiss HAS the power to change things, but it might not. just like i have the power to mash little babies faces, dont mean im actually GOING to. it all depends on the actions of the people involved, and the thought processes behind it

if the world ran like that, then all hell would've broken loose. also i'd be so confused. and be gay. on occasion. lol

You cant put that much faith in one kiss...
Sunday, March 18th, 2007
3:16 pm
ok, so i dont know what to say

i dont know if writing this is gonna help, or whatever

SO. made new friends and met up with old ones in september. one of the old ones has a really hot friend lynsay (purple). but she dont pay me that much attention.

skip forward to decemeber. im sleeping with a girl called linsay(blue). then other lynsay (purple) says she likes me. which confuses me, as me and purple were getting on really well, and i kinda liked her also.

skip to new years, we're up purple's flat, we kiss, i get really really drunk, but got dropped off at blue's flat at the end of it (which was a shit thing to do, in hindsight)

realise that the thing with blue, its just sex. thats not what i want. so i ended it with her. then purple says that we should just be friends. great timing.

skip forward again. i managed to convince purple that she was all i wanted, and we were spending a lot of time together. then we went out on the subcrawl, and she accuses me of fancying someone else, as her friend overheard a conversation saying

someone else "is there anything going on between us?"
me "shhhh ****** is listening"

which i cant remember, which means i cant deny it (but she started going out with another person straight after the subcrawl, which is obv. not me)

i get a weeks holiday from work, and i spend 3 days/nights with her and we agree to start seeing each other. i used the words "well im not planning on kissing anyone else"

then it all goes to hell

a couple of weeks go by, and i ask her to go out with me, but she says she needs to think about it

arrange to go up to purples flat, as she's about to move home soon, and i want to spend as much time with her as possible. planed to meet up with friends before for a couple of drinks, then go there. she changes her mind as she dont want friend #1 to get pissy because of it. i get annoyed and tell her "fine", which she takes to mean im in a huff with her, and snaps at me. i convince her that im not(as i wasnt) but still i was to go out with friends

while out with friends, im txting her. then i get drunk and kiss someone else. then i get a txt saying that i can still see her if i want to, so i jump straight in a taxi and go to her.(again, a shit thing to do in hindsight)

she moves home, but someone told her i'd kissed someone else. she was raging. it wasnt untill i was talking to her on MSN that she told me she thought the words "well im not planning on kissing anyone else" meant that i/we couldnt. which is just a misunderstanding on both our parts. and from that point on i've spent all my time trying to convince her that

1) she CAN trust me
2) i am NOT going to hurt her

she was sending me flirty txts, and i was doing the same. then i get really upset and stuff, and asked her a week ago thursday, if we could ever go back. she says she has to think about it as she cant "turn of her feelings like a tap"

so on thu, i ask her, and she says we should just be friends. i told her i cant be around someone who i really like, if they cant return the feeling.

as it turns out, she's seeing someone else now. fuck knows how long thats been going on, but i wish she woulda told me. it would've made things so much easier

OK - i think thats it. allbeit a shortened version to what actually happened. i just wish i could've seen this from her point of view
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